Do you have close neighbors? Enjoy practicing into the late night? Here are tips to make a piano sound quieter so you can enjoy playing!

In order to be successful in your piano lessons, you must regularly play your instrument. Here are 16 helpful tips for practicing piano!

Pianos have as few as one pedal, and as many as four pedals. But what DO the pedals on the piano do?

Regular attendance to music lessons combined with consistent practice is key to success when learning an instrument – the question is, how often do lessons need to happen?

Learning a musical instrument requires both time and effort! How long and how many days should you practice in between your weekly piano lessons in NYC will depend upon the student’s age and level.

Throughout the years, there have been many different methods for learning music. In this post, we discuss how our music teachers in NYC choose the best method books for our piano, voice, violin, guitar, and flute lessons.

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