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Interview with NYC Music Teacher, Sasha Kern

Learn about our┬áPiano, Guitar, & Composition Teacher, Sasha Kern! What instrument(s) do you play? Guitar and piano. How did you choose that instrument when you began playing it? Heart and Soul for piano, Nirvana for guitar, How old were you when you began taking piano and guitar lessons? 5 for piano, 11 for guitar Did … Continue reading “Interview with NYC Music Teacher, Sasha Kern”

First Piano Lesson: What to Expect

You may feel a little apprehensive and be wondering what your first piano lesson is going to be like! Don’t worry – it will be easy as long as you come into it with a great attitude. Our piano lessons in NYC are tailored to the student, so your first lesson may be a little … Continue reading “First Piano Lesson: What to Expect”

How Often Should I Schedule Voice Lessons for Maximum Learning?

When you are initially starting with your voice lessons, you may decide that you want to excel and go all the way, with what you are learning. As you make this decision, you will also come across another question: how often should you schedule voice lessons for maximum learning? This question is difficult to answer … Continue reading “How Often Should I Schedule Voice Lessons for Maximum Learning?”

How Old Should My Child Be For Voice Lessons?

Age can play a role in many things and decisions that you may make as both a person and a parent. One of these decisions can be what activities you want your child to pursue and participate in. While some activities have specific age requirements and limits, others do not, leaving that decision up to … Continue reading “How Old Should My Child Be For Voice Lessons?”

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