Whether you are enrolling your son or daughter for their first experience or you are perfecting your pitch after years to practice, voice lessons can be one of the best investments you make. If you are looking for voice lessons, NYC providers offer some of the best access. Not only will you get to work … Continue reading “How Many Voice Lessons Should I Take Per Month?”

When you are just starting out, taking guitar lessons in NYC is an ideal investment. However, before you arrive for your first lesson, you’ll need the right guitar in your hand. Some products are a better fit for some performers, but there are some starter guitars that are perfectly suited to the inexperience of a … Continue reading “Three Top Acoustic Guitars to Consider for a Beginner”

Are you considering piano lessons for your child? When providing these types of lessons, many parents wonder if there is a benefit. Sometimes, parents do so because they learned to play the piano and want to foster a love of music in their child. In other cases, it’s what everyone else is doing and you … Continue reading “Benefits of Piano Lessons for Kids”

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