When choosing music lessons for children, parents usually have a choice between a private or a group setting. The decision of whether or not your child should take group or private lessons is an important one, as it can impact their musicianship into later life!

It’s important to have an instrument of some kind when taking piano lessons. Is it necessary to have a real piano or will a digital piano suffice?

While learning to sing is fulfilling and lessons can be empowering, sometimes the initial learning process can feel frightening. If you’re feeling nervous about starting voice lessons, try not to let that deter you from following your dreams!

Many parents struggle with how to keep their child interested in piano lessons. There are multiple factors affecting each individual situation, but we can give you some advice based on our long time experience as piano teachers in NYC!

Are you thinking about signing your child up for guitar lessons, or taking them yourself? One of the most important things you’ll have to do is know what to look for when buying your first guitar!

In this modern digital world, there are many resources which claim to help you learn a musical instrument on your own. In this article, RMS compares teaching yourself piano v.s. taking piano lessons from a professional teacher

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