There are many reasons to try piano lessons with your young children. Learn why our piano lessons in NYC and online are popular for young children ages 4-7.

Listening to and watching a piano player in a big concert or performance can leave you saying, “I want to do that!” Piano lessons are one of the more popular classes that children first want to get involved with when music piques their attention. There is no age range limit to start taking piano lessons. … Continue reading “What to Know Before Beginning Piano Lessons in NYC”

As you take piano lessons in NYC, you may find that you are getting a bit bored. You go in, learn, and play. The process tends to be the same thing every time you visit. It can seem like an endless cycle and you may not even feel as though you are getting better at … Continue reading “How to Challenge Yourself During a Piano Practice Session”

For those who are taking piano lessons with a teacher, it is essential to come in weekly and work one on one with your instructor. While it is possible to learn quite a bit during your lessons, the work does not stop there. There are many benefits to practicing between piano lessons. Practicing may not … Continue reading “Benefits of Practicing Between Piano Lessons”

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