How to Challenge Yourself During a Piano Practice Session

June 4, 2015


As you take piano lessons in NYC, you may find that you are getting a bit bored. You go in, learn, and play. The process tends to be the same thing every time you visit. It can seem like an endless cycle and you may not even feel as though you are getting better at your craft. The problem is, you are not taking the challenges you need to take in order to improve. How can you challenge yourself and grow your skills? When it comes to piano lessons, it is important to work one on one with your teacher to find new ways to challenge your skill so that you can improve. Here are some ways to do this.

Invest in Music That’s Too Hard to Play
If you are at a C level, but getting bored with your piano lessons, take a step forward. You may find that learning something new is the exact thing you need to do. However, one way to really challenge yourself so that you can see what you need to become is to choose something that’s very hard. You may even think it is too hard to play. Try that A level piece. You may stumble through it and simply not make it through, but it will give you a clear idea of what is ahead and what you get to learn. That should be one of the best motivational tools you have! Even if you choose music that’s just slightly “too hard” for you to play, you’ll learn from the experience.

Work with a New Piano Teacher for a Session
Perhaps your piano lesson NYC studio has more than one professional teaching lessons. If that is the case, schedule some time with another teacher. Why do this when you already like your teacher? There’s a specific goal here. You’ll want to work with someone that you have not worked with before. Ask this person to be critical of your skills and of your abilities. You do not want to hear that you are doing well. Specifically ask for help in pinpointing those specific areas you are struggling with or that you need to work on in order to improve your abilities.

Work on a Different Instrument
To improve your motivation to gain skill in piano lessons, try something new. Pick up a new instrument and get the feeling of starting all over. Sometimes, this type of experience can open your eyes to what you have become and what you have learned in your lessons. This means you can see how far you’ve come and that may provide you with the motivation you need to keep going.
Most importantly, work with a teacher that guides and pushes you. You want someone that is going to provide you with skills that are not just mediocre, but incredible. To achieve that, you need to ensure that every lesson you take is one that is focused around challenging you.

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