All those years of secretly wanting to be rock star suddenly come back. That acoustic guitar you see in the music shop window calls to you, or surprisingly, to your child. The guitar is one of the more popular instruments in the music business but also one of the instruments with the most misconceptions. These … Continue reading “Most Common Misconceptions People Have About Learning Guitar”

You’ve made the decision to sign up for some guitar lessons in NYC and you are ready to learn and grow in your passion. Are you purchasing a guitar for the first time? Perhaps you are in need of some new gear before you get started. What should you buy? It is worth taking a … Continue reading “New to Guitar? Here’s the Equipment You’ll Need for Lessons”

When you are just starting out, taking guitar lessons in NYC is an ideal investment. However, before you arrive for your first lesson, you’ll need the right guitar in your hand. Some products are a better fit for some performers, but there are some starter guitars that are perfectly suited to the inexperience of a … Continue reading “Three Top Acoustic Guitars to Consider for a Beginner”

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