Three Top Acoustic Guitars to Consider for a Beginner

April 23, 2015


When you are just starting out, taking guitar lessons in NYC is an ideal investment. However, before you arrive for your first lesson, you’ll need the right guitar in your hand. Some products are a better fit for some performers, but there are some starter guitars that are perfectly suited to the inexperience of a new player. You do not have to spend a lot of money to get a quality guitar to learn on. And, in fact, you shouldn’t over do it. What you do need, though, is a guitar that gives you everything you need to really learn the art. The following are three of the best guitars for acoustic beginners.

#1: Seagull S6
The Seagull S6 is one of the best choices for those who want to invest in an affordable, but high quality guitar to learn on. This guitar is highly regarded for its quality sound and affordability, but it isn’t an over-the-top, hard to learn guitar to own. A few key features that make it a stand out include the mahogany back and sides, beautiful, solid cedar top, and durable construction. You may pay more for this guitar than just any off-the-rack product, but this guitar is likely to be one you’ll keep for years to come even after you buy a more expensive, higher quality product down the road.

#2: Yamaha FG700S
There are many reasons to invest in the Yamaha FG700S. As an acoustic guitar, it is an excellent investment. It is the same league in terms of quality as what you will find in the Seagull S6, but with a significantly lower price. This is a good value guitar. You will find it has a solid sitka spruce top and quality nato back and sides. It looks good and performs well, which are key features for guitar players just starting out.

#3: Takamine GD10
A third option to pick up and bring to guitar lessons in NYC is the Takamine GD10. This guitar features a laminated, spruce top (what the company calls a select top) and a much lower price than you will traditionally find on this brand. Of course, this guitar is not the same in terms of quality as other Takamine guitars, but when purchasing a starter guitar, you don’t need the highest quality (or the biggest price tag). The sound quality is still good, the overall design is durable, and it sets you up for a pretty good bang for the investment you are making.
Ultimately, a beginners care does not (and often should not) be a top of the line model or a well known brand. It should be a guitar that is easy to learn on, affordable (just in case you really don’t end up liking to play), and durable enough to handle some misuse. These are some of the best options available, though other brands and products are available that can still offer outstanding sound quality without breaking the bank.

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