Most Common Misconceptions People Have About Learning Guitar

June 16, 2015


All those years of secretly wanting to be rock star suddenly come back. That acoustic guitar you see in the music shop window calls to you, or surprisingly, to your child. The guitar is one of the more popular instruments in the music business but also one of the instruments with the most misconceptions. These misconceptions can take form in many phrases to use as an excuse to not begin lessons. However, the misconceptions can also cause learners to depreciate the art of learning guitar. Whether you are considering starting to learn guitar for yourself or your child, here are some of the common misconceptions people have about guitar even for guitar lessons in NYC.
• It’s Easy
The biggest and possibly the most common misconception when it comes to guitar playing is that it is easy. People attend a music concert or watching a musician okay their guitar and suddenly, they boast they can do it too. Learning guitar is not just playing chords and strumming the strings. More goes into learning to play the guitar including the various positions that you can use for chords. It can also require learning music theory to show the technical side of guitar playing and help you master it.
• Too Small Hands/fingers
This misconception is oftentimes used as one excuse to not start learning to play the guitar. It may be true that one person’s hands and fingers are smaller than others but it does not limit your ability to play. Longer fingers help with more technical and advanced tricks but you are still able to play a huge number of songs with whatever size hands and fingers you have.
• Lessons are not Necessary
With so many online resources available, learning to play guitar online has become more popular. While there are some great useful websites out there, learning in person from an experienced teacher cannot be replaced. Taking private lessons can be a tool to allow gaining professional and advanced music experience. It is possible to learn online but to go that extra mile to be better, lessons offered such as guitar lessons in NYC can help.
• Natural Talent is Needed
Being to play something such as the guitar not the only thing needed to learn to play the guitar. Having natural talent can be helpful but in the end, it is not required to begin taking lessons. The guitar is still a skill that can take years to study and ultimate master. Hard work and determination from your part can go along. Simply because you do not have an ear for the guitar, you should not be kept from learning guitar.

Learning guitar is ultimately that a skill, one that be trained and taught to you. Simply being scared or listening to misconceptions like the ones mentioned above should not limit what you can achieve. The idea that learning guitar is easy, requires bigger hands and fingers, does not need lessons or requires natural talents all misconceptions that can only limit you but also give you wrong idea about the work it requires. Many places offer guitar lessons in NYC and if you have any questions or are ready to begin learning, make sure to contact them to get you on your way.

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