Why piano lessons are popular for young children

October 31, 2020

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Riverside Music Studios has been offering  piano lessons for young children in NYC for 10 years now! We can’t help but to notice that parents of young children are particularly passionate about their children being involved in music. Why are piano lessons so popular for young children?

Research shows that learning to play piano helps aid brain development

It has been long understood that playing a musical instrument triggers various parts of the brain simultaneously. During a piano lesson, children engage these parts of the brain to become better problem solvers, pay more attention to details, and have a better attention span. It’s proven that children who take music lessons recieve better grades in school overall! This is exactly what every parent wants for their child.

Skills learned while learning music last for your entire life

When exposed to learning any skill at a young age, children retain that information long into adulthood – they are information sponges! Whether children stick with classes or stop to take a long break,  the skills developed during their time in piano lessons never fully disappears. People who have taken piano lessons as young children can easily go back to making music later in their lives if they so desire. The skills learned in piano lessons also translate to many other areas in life.

Piano lessons allow children to tap into their creativity

Traditional school classes from kindergarten through elementary shool require children to focus on a lot of academics scuh as math, reading, and science.  While these are all important disciplines, it’s important to allow children to develop artistically so that they know how to understand and interact with the world around them in a meaningful way. Socrates once said that “the purpose of music is to encourage the development of a good soul.” In fact, all ancient philosophers talked about the importance of music for human development. A common reason that piano lessons are popular for young children is because parents realize that music lessons support and develop this much needed creativity.

Children have a chance to practice performing

In a proper  setting, children who take music lessons have an opportunity to perform their songs and pieces in recitals. The skill of being able to exude confidence when in front of other people is extremely useful in many aspects of life.  If a child knows how to collect themselves and deal with a healthy stress of performing music, public presentations, lectures, interviews, etc. all become easier later on. 

Taking music lessons at a young age gives children an opportunity to experience a very positive “cause and effect” scenario

This one is a bit philosophical and you won’t find it in other cheesy blogs:  You don’t know how to do it at the start – you practice and put your effort in learning it – and then your proof of growth is that you can play a beautiful piece of music on the piano! There are few activities where children can see a direct and obvious  positive correlation between time/effort and results.

It is a hard lesson to learn in life that we can work hard to try to get a new job and not get it. We can go to dozens of interviews without any result. Some things in life that we work hard for do happen and some don’t. In piano lessons, if you work hard, then things always DO work eventually. It is  a beautiful and inspiring reward for children! 

Succeeding in Music Gives Children a Chance to Experience Pride in their Work

It is an important part of children’s development to feel experience pride in their accomplishments from their hard work.  Kids are happy when they kick the soccer ball into a net or draw a good picture. If  everyone else around them can do that too, both children and adults, it’s not as special.

Playing the piano is a skill so unique and special that after just a few lessons children usually surpass what an average adult understands about it. Not to mention being able to play a song with both hands at the same time and playing it well. The glittering happy faces of the kids after they play piano for others tell it all!

Discover for yourself why piano lessons are popular for young children!  Your child can experience all of the benefits of taking piano lessons from a young age? We offer private piano lessons for children ages 4+. Try an in-person piano lesson in NYC or online piano lesson. Contact Riverside Music Studios for more info!


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