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Online Piano Lessons

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Riverside Music Studios now offers online piano lessons WORLDWIDE for students from age 4 and up. Make this time at home a valuable and enjoyable learning experience!

We are very proud to have the most qualified and highly experienced piano instructors of New York City as part of our teaching faculty. Our teachers are  able to work with any student – from beginner through advanced.

How are online piano lessons different?

Our online lessons maintain the high standard that we have for all of our music classes. Unlike pre-recorded tutorials, our virtual  lessons are a personalized learning experience. Each private class is adapted to the students’ needs.

Topics covered in online piano lessons include:

  • technique
  • repertoire
  • sight-reading
  • improvising
  • composing
  • music theory
  • music history
  • and more!

 Most importantly, our very patient and encouraging piano instructors will keep you motivated and will help you learn to play the pieces that you love!

Online Piano lessons are for kids and adults alike!

We accept students from age 4 and up. From imaginative piano lessons for kids to piano lessons for adults, we offer online instruction in many styles of music.

Whether you want to learn classical, jazz pop/rock, or Broadway music online, our expert piano teachers can help!

How often and how long are the  lessons?

Music lessons at RMS occur once per week. Lessons may be 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Piano lessons for kids that include music movement and piano  games for age 4-6 are also available.

What platform is used to conduct virtual lessons?

Both Zoom and Skype lessons are available. Your piano teacher will assign homework and send lesson materials through these platforms.

In addition, you may purchase suggested music books on your own.

What do I need to start?

There’s no need for special equipment: all that is needed to begin learning piano online is the instrument, a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and a stable internet connection.


To sign up for music lessons in NYC or to contact us with any questions using the form below:

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"When it was announced that schools were closing and that students would be learning remotely, we suddenly lost our daily Monday-Friday routine, and the physical and mental adjustment was abruptly taken away with no time to prepare. When we found out that Riverside Music Studios figured out a way for students to continue their lessons, we immediately said yes. Being able to take piano lessons remotely helped continue that familiar routine and structure on weekends, especially seeing Camron who is a ray of sunshine and positivity! These virtual lessons have helped us maintain some sense of normalcy, and most importantly, continue the student-teacher relationship and progress in Ayanna's piano lessons. We're so grateful to RMS for offering this option during this time.” -Caroline

We are happy to offer you an introductory lesson! We promise that you will feel very comfortable learning with us. Call Us At (212) 247-4900 or click the button below to contact us!