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Online Music Lessons

Online Music Lessons

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Riverside Music Studios, a NYC based music school, is now offering online music lessons to students anywhere in the world!

We are here to help you learn piano, violin, guitar, or voice right in the comfort of your home.

How are our online music lessons different?

Our private online music lesson format allows our teachers to give full attention to each student individually in order to help them learn at the fastest rate.

Unlike pre-recorded tutorials, our online music lessons are a live, personal learning experience, adapted to the students’ needs.

Our music teachers create personalized lessons that are interest based. This means that they help students work on music they  request and at the speed which is best for that student.

What instruments can I learn online?

What ages do you enroll?

We work with children ages 4 and up through and adults of all levels including complete beginners. Virtual lessons are designed for the same ages as one on one lessons in person. For piano and violin, we welcome ages 4+ as well as adults. Guitar 7+ and adults. Voice 8+ and adults.

How often and how long are the virtual music lessons?

Our online music lessons  are set up on a weekly basis for 30, 45 or 60 minutes each week.

Who are the music teachers?

We are very proud to have the most qualified and highly experienced music instructors of New York City. Our music instructors are the highest quality in Manhattan! All have a minimum of a Master’s degree and some have their doctorate.

What platform is used to conduct virtual music lessons?

We are happy to offer virtual lessons on online platforms including Skype and Zoom.

What do I need to take online music lessons?

There’s no need for special equipment: all you need is the instrument, a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and a stable internet connection.

Our teachers assign homework and send lesson materials through the online platform. In addition, parents can purchase suggested music books on their own.


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