Why all students taking music lessons Should Perform

October 28, 2019

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One of the best things about taking music lessons in NYC are the opportunities to perform in front of a captive audience. After all, what is music if it is not shared with others?

To some new musicians, performing may be a little intimidating. That doesn’t mean you should avoid performing, because no matter what instrument you play, there are great benefits to performing in front of an audience! These benefits go above and beyond sharing music.

1. Music brings people together

Recitals are a positive and supportive environment to bring together your family and friends to hear you show off what has been learned in the music lessons. For children, the parents finally get to see exactly what has been happening.

2. At our recitals, students get to meet new like-minded people

New York is a huge city and there are so many people to meet! At performances, students can connect with others who are also enrolled in lessons.  This is a great opportunity to share experiences, whether you play piano, guitar, or another instrument.

It also gives students a change to be inspired to learn new pieces when they hear others perform them.

Who knows, maybe you’ll want to perform a duet next time, with your new friend!

3. A way to Measure Progress in Music Lessons

Deadlines are sometimes scary, but ultimately, it helps produce results! Without a goal or a deadline, music lessons may become mundane and not as effective. With a recital date on the horizon, you will be more productive. You’ll definitely practice more to make sure your pieces are fully ready to perform in front of an audience.

4. Build confidence

Performing  builds overall self-esteem and can even prepare you for unknown challenges in the future. Some people say that students who take music lessons at a young age have better grades and can think on their feet more.

The more your perform, the easier it will be! Maybe it didn’t go exactly perfectly on that stage, but you persevered and worked through the kinks and succeeded. Plus, do you hear that applause? That feels great!

5. Creative Expression

Do you write your own music? Show it off! Classic and pre-written pieces are wonderful, but performing your own creations can once again boost your confidence, and maybe even spur more ideas and get you seen.

6. Inspiration

Our students are at many different levels of expertise. Having the ability to experience performances from students who are more seasoned   can make you aspire to continue and be better.

Ready to get started in NYC music lessons?

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You can perform in recitals twice a year in January and June, at absolutely amazing  locations such as The DiMenna Center for Classical Music and Steinway Hall.Our music school provides snacks and refreshments afterwards!

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