Interview with NYC Music Teacher, Sasha Kern

May 9, 2017

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Sasha Kern - Guitar Teacher - Piano Teacher NYC

Learn about our Piano, Guitar, & Composition Teacher, Sasha Kern!

What instrument(s) do you play?

Guitar and piano.

How did you choose that instrument when you began playing it?

Heart and Soul for piano, Nirvana for guitar,

How old were you when you began taking piano and guitar lessons?

5 for piano, 11 for guitar

Did you study music in college? Which college/university did you attend?

Yes, Brandeis University for Bachelor’s and New England Conservatory of Music for Master’s.

What was the hardest thing about music lessons?

Practicing enough!

What did you enjoy most about music lessons?

Learning new techniques and being exposed to different kinds of music.

What was your first music teacher like?

Very strict.

What is your favorite piece or song of all time to play?

It changes all the time!

What is your favorite piece or song to listen to?

It also changes all the time!

What was your first performance like? How did you feel?

I was terrified, and I cannot remember how it went.

How many music teachers have you had?

13 or so.

Do you have any special awards or experiences you would like to tell us about?

Recently I saw a concert of Carnatic music which I’ve only recently gotten into. It was great!

What are your hobbies outside of music?

Anything food related.

How has learning music helped you in other areas of life?

There is always something to learn in music, it is endless, so I have become a good learner.

What is your advice for someone who is thinking about studying your instrument?

Music can be frustrating, especially for the first few years, and guitar is especially frustrating because it is so easy to make unwanted sounds. So my advice is not to get discouraged, because everyone must deal with these things.

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