How Old Should My Child Be For Voice Lessons?

June 23, 2015


Age can play a role in many things and decisions that you may make as both a person and a parent. One of these decisions can be what activities you want your child to pursue and participate in. While some activities have specific age requirements and limits, others do not, leaving that decision up to the parent. Voice lessons can fall into both categories depending on a few factors and ultimately. With television that is successfully putting the spotlight on children that can sing, the pressure to start singing early on is present. However, if you are a parent that is consider voice lessons in NY or anywhere else for your child, here are some guidelines to consider when decide what age is right.

Enjoyment or Training
Something to consider when deciding when to start voice lessons for your child is the purpose of the lessons. If a 7 year old just simply enjoys singing often, it is not a reason to rush to place them in a class. At a younger age, approximately up to age 10, it is better for the child to explore children’s singing groups to exercise their singing. It is more appropriate for the younger ages as the more focused lessons might be difficult for them.

Age Recommendation
The age that is considered the starting point for voice lessons for children is 11 or 12 and up. Because of level of development and maturity that they will have now, it is the age voice teachers recommend. It is recommended to wait for them to begin going through puberty to have a better-grounded voice quality and tone. Do not forget though that this is simply a recommendation based on what voice teachers usually see work best. There are always those exceptions for every case.

Voice Teacher Assessment
Another guideline to follow when deciding what age children should start voice lessons is how a voice teacher may assess each child. Voice lessons in NY and other places offer professionals that can help you in sorting the decision on a case-by-case basis. Teachers may interview prospective students to see if they are ready and have the appropriate maturity in both their voice and preparedness. The student should also be ready to being the focused and technical lessons that come with the voice lessons. Their opinion as professionals can help you make that decision.

Your child may be very gifted with a great voice or may love singing. However, it does not always been that they are at the age to begin voice lessons. As opposed to other musical instruments, the voice does not always follow the “earlier the better” ideal. When ultimately deciding when your child should begin voice lessons, these guidelines are a few of the things you can consider. Think about whether it is for enjoyment or training, what recommendations there are out there, and assessment by voice teachers. Remember not to rush into the voice lessons with your child, take time to choose voice lessons in NY. Ensure they are mature and prepared, and one day they will be shining up on stage.

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