How Can Piano Lessons Help a Player with Some Experience?

May 7, 2015


If you already play the piano, you may be wondering why it is beneficial for you to continue to take lessons. In some situations, those who already have had lessons or know how to plan can further benefit from taking piano lessons. But, why? Why should you invest in lessons when you already know how to perform? Just like any sport, practice makes perfect, but having a coach to guide you and fine-tune your experience and skill can help to ensure you become the best piano player you can possibly be.

Improve Basic Skills
One of the ways in which you’ll benefit from piano lessons is by improving on the basic skills you have. If you have taken lessons previously or have some knowledge of piano playing, you know the basics. However, that’s not all there is to learn. With lessons, you can explore far more of this art. As with any music lessons in NYC, you’ll be able to dive deeper and learn more than what you already know. That’s one of the best and easiest to see reasons to continue your lessons when you already have some experience.

Work Out Your Bad Habits
Do you slouch when you play? Perhaps your finger placement is not always the best it could be. Many beginner players have minor (and often what they believe are “no big deal”) bad habits. Since piano playing is an art that dates back hundreds of years, your instructor probably knows that you can improve your skills, sound quality, and even your love of music by getting rid of these bad habits. In fact, it could make you the ideal player and improve your ability to perform well at competitions or in other performances you take on.

Learn and Explore So Much More
Don’t forget the benefit of learning more. When it comes to piano playing, yes, you can just learn skill. But, there is much more to learn as well. You can learn about the great artists. You can explore piano music throughout the ages, which changes significantly through time. You can learn to play the most complex of pieces. You can also learn to play with other instruments, other piano players, and in various styles to get the audience involved and appreciating your sound. There is much more to do than to simply creating skill. You also need to explore the richness of piano music and how it plays out in various cultures.

You may have some piano playing skills right now. That’s a good thing. If you want to take them a step further and really explore the true gift you have or to learn more about the art form, then you need to continue taking lessons. You’ll want to work with a well qualified instructor who has ample experience and know how to help you excel. However, it is important for you to know that even some of the most experienced performers still work with instructors long after their name is in the lights.

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