Plan Your Child’s Time Right!

August 1, 2014

Piano Lessons NYC

Playing First Piano Songs
Playing First Piano Songs
We strongly recommend to start planning your kids’ extracurricular activities in advance. You don’t your child to go to dance, soccer, and then violin all in one day. We suggest to actually not have more than one activity or class per day. This will keep your child fresh and focused on everything he or she does.

In New York City we see many ‘over-scheduled’ kids and we often feel sad about how tired they look during the lessons. More is not always better. We think that if your child becomes really good in one or two activities, it is better than being ‘just OK’ in ten of them. Your child will be more proud and confident when feeling the result of taking a piano or dance class. To achieve that you need to schedule some practice time, so please don’t try to fill up all the free time with whatever the class you can sign up to. Leave some room for your child to practice and grow in-between the lessons.
And remember, early after-school time slots are very popular for private music lessons, so hurry up and call or email your teacher about the Fall schedule.

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