Piano Lessons for Kids NYC

June 13, 2014

Piano Lessons NYC

Young boy playing piano (isolated on black background) When it comes to piano lessons for kids NYC has a lot to offer, with distinguished schools and professional teachers that offer rich backgrounds in music. Riverside Music Studios offers piano music programs to kids of different ages. Founded in 2002, the school has experienced tremendous success and has developed a very personal approach to teaching music, which offers great benefits to students with different abilities, learning curves, and skills. People study the piano for different reasons, and whether you just want to have basic knowledge on the instrument or you want to play professionally, Riverside Music Studios will have the best program for you.

The Best Time to Enroll for Piano Classes in NYC

There are still people who believe in the myth that music is best learned in childhood. This could be true to a certain degree as kids are gifted with nimble hands. However, anyone can enroll and learn to play the instrument at any time and age. Adults who enroll for piano lessons have the advantage of understanding the concepts better than kids.

The Benefits Private Piano Classes for Kids in NYC

Private piano classes are tailored to suit the student’s individual needs. This means that the classes center on a special one-on-one relationship between student and teacher. This can have many benefits for the student including:

  • Less stress in keeping pace with other students
  • The ability to choose what to learn and to have the full attention of the teacher
  • The flexibility to change or fix the schedule according to student needs

Piano teachers are professionals who can easily become role models for the kids. During the private piano classes, student and teacher can celebrate graduations, lost teeth, braces coming on, proms, and the important things that affect the life of the student. Students develop abilities and uncover different layers of their identity as they move from the fun part of discovering music to the more complex, somewhat mathematical aspect of music. This journey, through learning, helps the student to develop problem-solving skills and to create an identity as a musician through constant practice.

Why Choose Riverside Music Studios?

Riverside Music Studios has a wonderful reputation amongst students and music lovers for their dedication to serve the community by delivering quality music classes including guitar lessons NYC & violin lessons NYC. The staff is made up of professionals with different musical backgrounds and rich personalities.

For instance:

Dr. Geraldine Boyer-Cussac has more than ten years of music teaching experience and has offered piano lessons at Kalamazoo College and Western Michigan University. She is also a professional vocal coach and music director.

Arcolris Sandoval is a pianist and composer. She has a Masters degree in Jazz Piano and has performed across the United States, China, Europe, and Mexico. Each teacher in the team will definitely have something that will enrich the life of the student: a specific skill, a specialization, or that rare ability to inspire and to bring out the best in the student.

If you are interested in private piano lessons for kids in NYC, it would be advisable to check out the profile of this music school. You can also visit their policy area to check out their affordable rates. You may also want to go through the profiles of the teachers to choose who among them would be best for you.

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