Best Guitar Lessons NYC: Riverside Music Studios

June 13, 2014

Piano Lessons NYC

Teenage Boy playing Acoustic GuitarI had always been fascinated by the guitar even though I had never taken any concrete steps to learn the instrument. A busy college life and hectic work offered very little time for other pursuits. After changing jobs last year, I found I had some extra time on my hands and so decided to immediately take guitar lessons NYC. A friend referred me to Riverside Music Studios and I decided to join up for the guitar program. Now with a year of classes behind me, I have to say that I could not have been more satisfied with the experience.

The guitar courses offered at Riverside Music Studios are really helpful as they are tailor made for your individual needs. The first class involved me figuring out what exactly I wanted to do with the guitar. My ambition at that time was nothing more than learning to play a few popular songs, so we started off from there. I loved the way everything was planned out according to my requirements as a guitarist.

For example:

  • The first step was to learn the basic chords which would help me in playing popular tunes.
  • Then there were finger techniques for expanding my playing styles.
  • The instructors also recommended other genres that I could listen to in-order to improve music appreciation. This started off a deep love for gypsy jazz guitar.
  • After some time I decided that I wasn’t happy just playing the usual tunes and wanted to learn something more.
  • o a new set of exercises and lessons were incorporated into my program so that I could learn about the new styles I was interested in.

This was a really fresh approach to teaching music and I cannot stress enough on how much it has benefited me. Most music schools just start off with a few boring scales and exercises which bores the student quickly and prevents a healthy learning environment. Many of my friends who had gone for music lessons elsewhere got completely bored after a couple of months and stopped taking classes. They got this idea that “music is just not my thing”. This is a very wrong notion that was completely disproved by the innovative teaching methods employed at Riverside Music Studios. For guitar lessons in NYC, there cannot be a better place.

Another factor that I love about this place is how friendly and approachable the staff is. Though they are highly accomplished musicians from offering violin lessons NYC to my favorite guitar lessons, it is so amazing how they come down to the level of a beginner when teaching. Everything from simple exercise to lessons is explained out perfectly so you can get a good idea of the whole picture.  They always encourage you to ask as many questions as possible, which is great when you are starting out on any instrument including NYC piano lessons. I have been learning here for a year and am sure that there is no way I could be playing the way I am now if I had been learning anywhere else. People get quite surprised when I tell them I have just been taking lessons for a year. All credit goes to Riverside Music Studios.

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