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Piano Learning Games App

Piano Learning Games App

Piano Learning Games App

The Piano Learning Games App is a fun-packed musical app that will enthrall kids of 4+ and help them experience the joy of playing their first tunes. It is the world’s first piano teaching app and offers fabulous support to traditional piano lessons.

The Piano Learning Games method is a colorful, lively and interactive way for kids to learn piano with a grownup using the sounds of a Steinway Grand Piano.

The app’s main character is Little Quiver, who lives inside the app and knows just how to teach young children about the keyboard, pitch, finger numbering and the names of the keys. With the help of this musical munchkin Little Quiver, whose feet are musical notes that dance across the keyboard, Piano Learning Games interacts with and encourage young piano students.Little Quiver gives the children musical tasks. Watch him scurry across the keyboard with delight every time they get it right! “Can you press the correct key?” Little Quiver asks. “You won!” he says. With the help of Little Quiver and Piano Learning Games, kids will soon be using their little fingers one by one to play their first simple tune.

Piano Learning Games creator Dr. Dmitry Alexeev has five more games up his sleeve and he’s ready to slip them into the app. Dr. Dmitry is a highly acclaimed pianist with twenty years of experience as a piano teacher. “His piano lessons are creative and exciting. They really work,” says one longtime student.

The Piano Learning Games method has enjoyed exceptional results in piano lessons in NYC at Dr. Alexeev’s Riverside Music Studios. “Our objective,” he says, “is to make the child feel at ease with the piano and to make the experience of using the Piano Learning Games app a joy for kids and grownups.”

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