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Kelsey Ma

Piano Teacher in NYC

Kelsey Ma is a classical pianist and teacher in New York City. She began taking piano lessons from the age of 5 and branched into violin at the age of 11. With her background in piano and orchestral violin, Kelsey graduated cum laude from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance under the tutelage of David Kaplan.

Kelsey’s interest in classical solo piano and chamber music has led her to attend festivals such as the Brevard Music Festival and the Atlantic Music Festival. She is also a collaborative pianist where she accompanied vocalists at Classic Lyric Arts. As an active pianist, she has performed at the Chancellor’s Residence at UCLA and recently, throughout Italy.

Kelsey has been a piano teacher for five years to all levels from ages as young as 5 to students in their 50s. She also has experience teaching in classrooms from general music to band, orchestra, and choir in K-12 settings. Kelsey strives to create a supportive learning environment in which students can reach their full potential and go above and beyond with their ambition and perseverance. Her goal is to give students a basic understanding of the fundamentals to play any era of music, and most importantly, have fun while doing so.

Kelsey is currently completing her Master of Music in Piano under the tutelage of Ursula Oppens. When she is not playing piano, Kelsey loves volunteering at the nearby animal shelter or making pasta by hand.

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