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Jin Jin Zhou

Piano Teacher in NYC

XinYuan ZHOU, or better known by his private audiences as Jin Jin, is an ecstatic musician that seeks to inject his passion for beauty into the contemporary horizon of classical music production and practice upon the 21st Century plateau. As a young pianist who possesses an extraordinarily broad educational background from completing his earlier years under the International Baccalaureate program, his vision expands beyond that of an acute perception of Classical Music; in which, he aims to generate through the keyboard, a more convincing, holistic and cohesive interpretation of traditional dogma in order to better communicate towards the modern audience.

Through his work with world renowned Cuban maestro Dr. Solomon Mikowsky and Ukrainian pedagogy Dr. Inesa Sinkevych at Manhattan School of Music, Jin Jin possesses an unique collection and understanding of repertoire from as early as Couperin, to as late as the modern Meninn. This has allowed him to achieve successes in competitions, including 1st Prize of the National Steinway Young Pianists Competition (North II Region) and 1st Prize at the Sino-Deutsche Brahms Piano Competition. Beginning piano teaching at the early age of 15 in his home country, Jin Jin has already amassed 6 years of pedagogical experience with students of all levels, demographics and personalities. As a young and rising pedagogue, Jin Jin is known and loved by his students as an inspiring, patient, and strict piano teacher that cares for his students, just as much as he cares for his art.

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