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Jeff Johnson

Piano , Guitar, Voice, Teacher in NYC

Jeff Johnson is an educator, pianist, guitarist, and singer/songwriter from the Detroit area of Michigan. He has been teaching music for over 15 years to students of all ages. He has also had the opportunity to accompany R&B and Gospel singers on American tours as a keyboardist, and travel with his band, Anomalous Day, as a singer and guitarist.

He earned his B.A. in Sacred Music in 2004 with a proficiency in piano and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Early Childhood Development and Childhood Education. Jeff began his career as a classroom music and theory teacher in a private school in Michigan. He taught students from pre-school to high school in musical theory concepts and music appreciation. During this time, he was able to work with private piano, guitar, and voice students, and develop middle and high school choirs, a strings programs, as well as weekly performing student led bands and ensembles.

As a teacher, Jeff sees the opportunity to help each child express themselves through music. He loves working with students to help them find their musical voice. With experience leading bands, choirs, ensembles, private lessons or even mommy and me style classes with the youngest of students, his desire is to foster the natural talents and interests of each student.

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