For those who are taking piano lessons with a teacher, it is essential to come in weekly and work one on one with your instructor. While it is possible to learn quite a bit during your lessons, the work does not stop there. There are many benefits to practicing between piano lessons. Practicing may not … Continue reading “Benefits of Practicing Between Piano Lessons”

Music can provide your mind and soul with the break it needs. In many ways, music solves problems, provides opportunities, and offers the freedom you need. If you want to do more than just listen to it, though, you will need to learn how to read music. The good news is this can be one … Continue reading “What to Do If You Don’t Know How to Read Music”

When taking piano lessons, NYC residents will find that the process is only beneficial when you train with a well respected and skilled professional and to the time into practicing. You’ll also find that you can gain a lot of skill and improve your ability to relax and unwind when you master this art. It … Continue reading “Three Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Piano Lessons”

Learning to play piano is a process. It takes time and a lot of hard work. Once you enroll in piano lessons NYC studios will likely provide you with all of the room and space to play and practice. If you plan to practice at home (and you should if you have access to the … Continue reading “Setting Up Ideal Practice Conditions for Piano”

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