Music is food to the soul. It is the main channel that the majority of people use to communicate their feelings, thoughts and ideas when normal speech is incapable of offering the best choice of words. It is also the language through which other wild animals and birds use in communicating with each other and … Continue reading “Violin Lessons NYC At Riverside Music Studios”

I had always been fascinated by the guitar even though I had never taken any concrete steps to learn the instrument. A busy college life and hectic work offered very little time for other pursuits. After changing jobs last year, I found I had some extra time on my hands and so decided to immediately … Continue reading “Best Guitar Lessons NYC: Riverside Music Studios”

When it comes to piano lessons for kids NYC has a lot to offer, with distinguished schools and professional teachers that offer rich backgrounds in music. Riverside Music Studios offers piano music programs to kids of different ages. Founded in 2002, the school has experienced tremendous success and has developed a very personal approach to … Continue reading “Piano Lessons for Kids NYC”

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