Learning to play piano is a process. It takes time and a lot of hard work. Once you enroll in piano lessons NYC studios will likely provide you with all of the room and space to play and practice. If you plan to practice at home (and you should if you have access to the … Continue reading “Setting Up Ideal Practice Conditions for Piano”

If you’ve enrolled your child in piano lessons NYC studios offer, you may be excited to see what your child can accomplish. That is a good thing, but in order for it to happen, most kids need practice. Practice is not always fun especially when you are learning something brand new or something that is … Continue reading “Encouraging Practice: Helping Your Child With Piano Lessons”

For a parent who loves music, it is a thrilling thing to see a child begin to take interest in the piano, even if that interest is simply plunking at the keys to see what sounds it makes. The question then becomes, when is it appropriate to start enrolling your child in piano lessons in … Continue reading “What’s a Good Age For Children to Start Piano Lessons?”

If you already play the piano, you may be wondering why it is beneficial for you to continue to take lessons. In some situations, those who already have had lessons or know how to plan can further benefit from taking piano lessons. But, why? Why should you invest in lessons when you already know how … Continue reading “How Can Piano Lessons Help a Player with Some Experience?”

You’ve made the decision to sign up for some guitar lessons in NYC and you are ready to learn and grow in your passion. Are you purchasing a guitar for the first time? Perhaps you are in need of some new gear before you get started. What should you buy? It is worth taking a … Continue reading “New to Guitar? Here’s the Equipment You’ll Need for Lessons”

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