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The Incredible Experience of Taking Music Lessons as an Adult

June 27, 2019

Are you apprehensive about taking music lessons as an adult? What an incredible feeling that is to have a hobby, a true passion for
something outside of your work, and be able to do it and to enjoy it
as an adult!

I LOVE playing soccer. I’m not very good at it but I still love it!
In my mid 20’s I played two or three times a week for hours on end.
It was a wonderful break from playing piano 30+ hours a week. But then
I got more and more busy with school, performances, teaching, work,
and then had my own kids and I just couldn’t continue to play soccer
anymore. Now I’m 42 years old and I think that (fingers crossed) I
will finally have some free time in my life to devote to playing
soccer again!

Happiness is exactly what I see on the faces of each student taking
music lessons as adults at our NYC music School. After years of being
overwhelmed with work and family obligations and after all the
hesitation, the adults who work up the courage to open the door into a
music room are almost magically transported into a new happy place.
Playing a musical instrument might be the opposite of what you do for
work, and that’s the beauty of it: getting to rest from your daily
activities and spend some time in a different and beautiful world of

At Riverside Music Studios, our adult students who take lessons on
piano, violin, guitar, or other instruments are our most devoted group
of students. Unless they move out of NYC, they come to us for years
and years. We love to have them play at our recitals and socialize
(with a little bit of help from provided wine and cheese!) This summer
we had to reserve two separate days for 2 hours each to fit all the
adults who wanted to perform at the recital.

If you are thinking about trying piano, violin, guitar, or voice
lessons in NYC,  we would love to give you an introductory lesson. Our
music studio is conveniently located in Manhattan.
We are certain that you will love it because in the last 10 years
literally every single new adult student loved it and continued with
their lessons. We are just that good at teaching music! If you are not
in NYC, don’t hesitate to look up your local music teachers,
carefully read their resumes, and call and ask all the questions you
have. Go ahead – DO IT!


To sign up for music lessons in NYC or to contact us with any questions please use this form:

(212) 247-4900
Riverside Music Studios
1727 Broadway, Suite 2
New York, New York 10019

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