It Harder to Learn Guitar If I’m Left Handed?

June 18, 2015

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In a world where being right-handed seems to the supposed right way, there is only a small minority of the population that is left-handed, making up about 10% of the population. Simply because they are the minority it does not mean you have to be limited in what you can do or what instrument you can play. For some reason, the myth that playing the guitar if you are left handed is much harder has spread and allowed an incorrect view. Taking guitar lessons is not more difficult if you are left handed. If you are one of those unique members of society looking to learn guitar, take those guitar lessons in NYC. Here are a few points to help remind you that it is not more difficult or impossible for you to learn guitar as leftie.
• Same Resources
Left-handed guitar learners are presented with any more challenges than those of the right handed capacity. They utilize the same tabs that right handed guitarists use. Lefties also have the same access to teachers and guitar lessons in NYC as other players. Finally, the left-handed guitarists also have access to guitar that they can use. All the resources the playing requires are there, all it takes the same effort and determination across the board for all players.
• Some differences
Due to the fact that it is a different hand, there are going to be a few differences. One of these differences comes from the chord diagrams guitarists use. They are different from the righties as they are flipped in a mirror image format. This slight change might be a small inconvenience for you but essentially, it will only be noticeable in the beginning stages of learning. There is also a difference in the type of guitar you will use as a leftie. Nonetheless, these guitars are still readily available to you and in the end; you still have a guitar to play.
• Left-Handed Advantage
Those with that are left-handed can sometimes find themselves at an advantage over the right-handed guitar players. Studies have shown that lefties have faster eye coordination than those right-handers do. The lefties also reach to a more artistic side in the way the brain is organized. Even the scientific area, does not have a protestation against lefties having it harder.

If your dream is rock a music hall with sweet guitar riffs or acoustic melodies from your guitar, do not let a myth stop you. Being left-handed is rarity but it should be a limitation for what you want to achieve. Do not force yourself to learn the guitar on the right hand if that is not what you are comfortable with simply because it is believed it is harder to play left-handed. The lefties have the same resources available through
guitar lessons in NYC or the tab sheets. There are also a few differences and even slight advantages for the left-handed guitarists. Learning guitar can be challenging either way so whatever hand you may use, the hard work to succeed will be required.

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